How We Close Transactions

For growth and non-control investments, TGIF provides founders with a better alternative than debt financing. Most importantly, we provide more than just capital. By partnering with Trivest, Founders receive “dollars with benefits”:

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Lender/Debt Position

TGIF Position

Personal Guarantees
  • Typically require personal guarantees
  • No personal guarantees required / not necessary
Interest & Principal Repayment
  • Quarterly coupon payments
  • Required principal repayments
  • None
  • Targeted returns achieved by helping to grow the value of the Company over time
Restrictions on Growth
  • Typically not interested in funding additional capital for M&A / growth
  • Access to additional capital for growth
Restrictions on Dividends
  • Owner distributions/dividends not permitted
  • Owner continues to take dividends based on pro-rata ownership percentage
Dollars Without Benefits
  • Simply a capital provider
  • Trivest is a true partner in the business


If you are a business owner and would like to learn more, please call us at 305-858-2200 or email us at

Trivest also pays handsome referral fees for introductions to businesses that close.  To learn more about these incentive programs and find out how to submit a referral, please click here.