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Alok Gupta

Managing Partner


Loki Group is an independent investment firm with a unique Single Industry Roll-Up Focus strategy. High fragmentation leads to the possibility of substantial disruption and transformative impact.

Firm Profile
Based in Atlanta, GA
Formed in 2016
25 Years of Experience
Areas of Focus
Strategic Consulting
Investment Criteria
Fragmented Industries
Consolidation Potential
Service Businesses

Q&A with Alok Gupta

What’s the firm’s origin story?

In 2016, after over 18 years of diverse experience in consulting and business advisory roles, including extensive work in corporate strategy, M&A, restructuring, and value creation across 15 countries, I felt a deep connection to my work but yearned for a fresh approach. This drive led me to establish Loki Group that year, where I could combine my passions for Private Equity and Consulting.

Embarking on this new journey, I dedicated time to meticulously develop my PE thesis, resulting in a distinctive blend of Private Equity, Independent Sponsor, and Acquisition Entrepreneur. Our work is a fusion of client-driven projects and ventures we pursue ourselves. As for our firm’s name, Loki holds multiple meanings for us: a childhood nickname of mine, a nod to our focus on Low-Key industries, and an homage to the Norse god representing innovation and disruption through mischief.

In essence, we embrace mischief as ‘innocent trouble,’ synonymous with innovation, and we’re driven to bring transformative change to the industries we touch.

What is your investment thesis or value proposition?

At Loki Group, our investment thesis revolves around our unique Single Industry Roll-up Focus (SIRF) strategy. We meticulously seek out industries characterized by high fragmentation and the potential for substantial disruption, recognizing the transformative impact of an acquisition/roll-up approach. Each industry is structured to be a separate fund.

While we remain industry agnostic, our primary attention is directed towards blue-collar sectors. These include manufacturing, road work/grading, freight and freight brokerage, as well as infrastructure development or repair/maintenance. Additionally, we extend our focus to consulting and cybersecurity firms catering to the middle market, an ideal complement to our existing consulting business.

In essence, our value proposition lies in our ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities within these dynamic sectors, driving consolidation, efficiency, and growth while delivering substantial value to both our investors and the industries we engage with.

Any notable differentiators for the firm?

Our distinctiveness is deeply rooted in several key differentiators that shape our approach and value proposition:

1. Commitment to People: At the heart of Loki Group’s core values is a steadfast commitment to people. We recognize that the small and middle market segments comprise the largest employer base in the US, often representing hardworking individuals providing for their families. Supporting and empowering this workforce is paramount to us. We foster growth opportunities for those seeking to expand their skill set and responsibilities, aligning personal development with professional success.

2. Holistic Partnership: With the integration of our Corporate Strategy as a Service (CSaaS) and M&A/Deal advisory arm, Loki Group emerges as a holistic partner for both Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies. Our immersive approach ensures seamless execution and implementation of value creation projects, M&A strategy, scorecards in evaluating potential targets, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), (integration) playbooks, metrics/dashboards, and other critical components. We forge meaningful relationships with employees, extending support across strategy, project management, and corporate development initiatives.

3. Agility and Opportunity: Embracing our status as a nimble and agile firm within the industry, Loki Group thrives on seizing opportunities that benefit both our organization and our partners/clients. Unencumbered by restrictive covenants, we possess the freedom to identify and pursue promising avenues across a spectrum of focus areas. This agility empowers us to adapt swiftly, capitalize on prospects, and drive collective success.

These differentiators underscore Loki Group’s distinctive character and unwavering dedication to fostering growth, strategic excellence, and impactful change across the industries we engage with. Because we understand the perspectives of PE firms and their portfolio companies, it makes our Consulting Services the perfect partner to drive their growth.

What are you looking for, and where are you seeing opportunities?

We maintain an expansive outlook and are actively seeking opportunities through multiple channels. Our approach is multifaceted, engaging brokers, bankers, our extensive network, and proactive cold outreach. Given our role as fractional chief strategy officers for several clients, where we consistently evaluate diverse deal types, we are constantly scanning around 50 deals at any given time. This comprehensive strategy empowers us to consistently explore and capitalize on potential avenues for growth and value creation.

What has your experience been like working with Trivest?

Our experience collaborating with Trivest has been truly positive. The team members are not only highly personable but also exceptionally well-versed in their respective domains. We are enthusiastic about further nurturing our professional and amiable connections with Trivest, encompassing both the investment facet and our Corporate Strategy as a Service (CSaaS) offering. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our commitment to growth and strategic excellence.

Finally, can you regale us with an interesting or funny M&A story?

This tale is a crucial part of Loki Group’s origin story, revealing how even high-stakes endeavors can sometimes take amusing turns.

After five years of working abroad, I returned to the U.S. to lead a separation project alongside the CEO, Chief of Staff, and Executive Leadership Team. Our collective efforts led to an impressive $16B increase in market capitalization, a remarkable achievement.

Yet, amid the excitement of those initial two months, a personal change caught me off guard. My shirts and jeans, previously well-fitting, suddenly became quite snug. I had unintentionally gained a substantial 60 pounds. The realization dawned on me one morning as I got ready for the office—my clothes were no longer cooperating. This left me in a bit of a bind, as I had no other clothing options with me. So, I came up with a quick solution: I informed the client I needed to work remote for the morning and then went on a spontaneous shopping spree. A department store became my lunchtime destination, where I managed to find jeans and dress shirts that fit.

My clothing situation eventually returned to normal. However, it took me over a year to shed those extra pounds, much like the journey portrayed in the movie “Super Size Me.”

“Independently Sponsored”

Trivest has a long and successful track record of working and closing deals with independent sponsors. In this series, we interview a leading or up-and-coming independent sponsor about their firm. To mix things up, at the end of each interview, we ask our guest to recount a particularly memorable (and hopefully humorous) deal-making experience. Our goal is to deepen the knowledge and strenghten connections within the independent sponsor community.
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About Trivest

Trivest Partners, with offices in Miami, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Toronto, is a private investment firm that focuses exclusively on the support and growth of founder-led and family-owned businesses in the U.S. and Canada. The Firm has multiple dedicated investment approaches, including both majority and minority flexibility for founders. Since its founding in 1981, Trivest has completed more than 500 investments totaling approximately $8 billion in value. The firm has roughly $5 billion in assets under management and a growing team of 70+ professionals.

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