Value Proposition

“Exit Prep”

As a value-added institutional partner, Trivest helps to position the Company to achieve a premium valuation upon the Founder’s ultimate control sale of the business down the road.

Dollars With Benefits

Founders benefit from all of Trivest’s value creation tools, including the Path to 3x and Trivest Tool Chest, while keeping majority ownership.

Systematic Value Creation

Based on over three decades of investing in well run, founder/family owned businesses, Trivest has developed systematic and time test strategies to increase the value of its portfolio company investments.  This encompasses a series of both short term (within 90 days) and longer term initiatives that help increase the value of a Company.  Since founder(s) retain the majority (over 50%) ownership in TGIF transactions, the founder(s) can disproportionally benefit from this value creation upon the eventual control sale which typically occurs four to five years down the road.